Baubling along, singing a song...the winner takes it all!

28/01/2024 18:44 Written by Kel-x



Don't you just hate when you've spent an age putting the Christmas decorations up, carefully planning where everything should go and then when it's time to put it away you forget one tiny item or two!

Yep, that's us.  We forgot the baubles!

Many have been wondering what Captain forgot to buy for Technochic's Christmas present and whether he ended up in the doghouse.  Coming to his aid, you went rummaging in the profiles of our Navigators to find baubles that, when combined, spelt out the item.

Did you find all the baubles?  Did you get the word?  Most importantly, did you get both AND let us know?  

Okay, okay, we'll put you out of your misery...

The answer was STOCKING.

Congratulations to the following chatters who got the answer right:











Nice work!

We hope you enjoyed the fun and games.

Do keep an eye out for other fun and exciting events coming your way soon!

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