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A day to love is simply not enough!

16/02/2021 15:34 Written by Shadow_X


Dear Passengers and Crew,

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in our St.Valentine's event and to the lucky people who got those messages, we hope you liked them. However, February is still the month of love and for those who would like a game, we have a riddles game for you.


It's quite simple, solve the 13 riddles and shipmail ChatGames with your answers, by midnight 21st of February, there are lots of prizes up for grabs, including throw emotes, text effects and more.


1) I can inflame and ignite a heart with my weapon, so lovers better watch out. What am i ?

2) You feel this, you give this, you have this, you're in this, you can't buy it, you can't own this, you can't sell this and everyone wants this ?

3) I am a 5 letter word that can be broken, drawn and opened, I carry a beat, you need me to complete, everyone has one, without me you are done ?

4) It fastens two people yet touches only one ?

5) I am sometimes white but i am not snow, I am sometimes dark but I am not the night, I am sweet but I am not sugar, I am rich but I am not Bill Gates ?

6) I was born big, but as the day passes i get older and I become small ?

7) Eros is at the core, while a ring is a small symbol.Though it can be seen as holy, often it is sealed by a contract?

8) What has 13 hearts but no organs ?

9) Arnold Schwarzenegger's is really long. Michael J Fox is short. Madonna doesn't have one ?

10) What travels round the world while staying in a corner?

11) He has married many, but has never been married ?


12) I can be red but I'm not blood. I can be yellow but I'm not a banana. I can be white but I'm not snow. I can be pink but I'm not a flamingo ?


Loving Regards,
The loved up Games team

The only thing worth catching this Valentines, is feelings.

11/02/2021 21:12 Written by Shadow_X


Dear loved up chatters & crew,

 Love is in the air ........ February is the month of love and to celebrate we have a few things that we'd like to do. On Saturday, 13th February at 7:01pm, we will be having a loved up Valentines Quiz in the Quiz Show room Also, as we approach the day to spoil your loved ones, to be mushy, to tell someone they are fabulous or the ideal moment to let that special certain someone know how you feel.

In the next 7 days we are happy to give you the opportunity to pass on a heartfelt message to another chatter completely anonymously. Simply send your message in a shipmail to St.Valentine; using the shipmail subject box to type out for whom the message is.

The rules:

1. No nasty messages.

2. No names. The person sending the message needs to be anonymous.

3. No overly sexual messages, but you can send kisses of course .

Messages coming in after midnight the 14 of February will not be passed on or if any of the requirements are not met, then your message wont be forwarded.


Loving regards,

St.Valentine & the *love*ly crew.

Lockdown fun and Games

11/01/2021 11:11 Written by Shadow_X



Hello Passengers and Crew,

With the return of lockdown for many of you, some have asked about when the next quiz will be. I am happy to announce that over the upcoming months, we'll be returning to two types of quizzes.

The Weekly Saturday Night Lockdown Quiz, as the name suggests will be a weekly quiz that we will be hosting at 7:01pm most Saturdays. Each quiz will be an individual quiz with winners for bragging rights, Any points for those individual quizzes will be moved forward to a leader board for a period of three months, which will appear on the Quizmaster profile. At the end of each period, the player at the top of the leader board will receive a special prize.

As well as our Weeklies, we will have our Big Lockdown Monthly Quiz. Which will be a themed quiz once a month based on that month. I.E. February will be themed around Love and Romance, as with the smaller quizzes any points will be moved forward to the leaderboard, as it's a bigger quiz, there will be more opportunity to earn points and move up the leaderboard.

The next few quizzes are as follows:

16th January - 7:01pm - Saturday Weekly
23rd January - 7:01pm - Saturday Weekly
30th January - 7:01pm - Big Monthly
06th February - 7:01pm - Saturday Weekly

The leaderboard will be available and updated on the Monday after the Quiz on the Quizmaster profile

Thank you,

Your new years Games Team

Flash-Based Throw Emotes

06/01/2021 12:33 Written by dominic_2005


Posted to all Passengers and Crew


Ahoy Chatters!

Now that Adobe Flash is no longer supported by most browsers, we have decided to remove any throw emotes that are Flash based and no longer work.

This means that no matter what the throw emote is, or how you came to earn it, it will no longer be available in your list of throw emotes.

There is no point in having a range of emotes that don't actually work, and in some cases, completely block out a chatters screen for a few moments or worse, get stuck and requires them to refresh their Chat.

We are looking to add new throw emotes in the future, and where possible, recreate some favourites.

Happy Chatting
The Lycos Chat UK Team

Santa will be back at the end of the year, but for now!

04/01/2021 08:46 Written by Shadow_X


Hello Everybody!


I know a lot of you want to know who the Santas and Christmas Characters are, so here goes



A- Jim Broadbent - Kurt Russell - Alistar Sim
B - Macaulay Culkin - Bruce Wilis - Bing Crosby
C - Tom Hanks - Zach Galligan - Arnold Schwarzenegger
D - Edmund Gwenn - Jim Carey - Will Ferrell
E - James McAvoy - Billy Bob Thornton - Tim Allen


Lots of you entered but many got one or two wrong.


The chatters with the correct answers selected at random are 



Thank you for everyone that entered, look out for a fun filled 2021


Your friendly Games Team

Friends Lists

29/12/2020 12:34 Written by Stevesterrrr

Posted To All Passengers and Crew


Hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.


The Chat boffins have made some changes to your friends list page - it will no longer split friends into gender categories, everyone is now part of one single list called Your Friends.


If you have any active Chat feature / package you'll see a new, enhanced view of your friends list which includes PhotoChat pictures and the date you became friends.  Here's a preview:


We hope you enjoy the new features

Season's Greetings from all the crew at Lycos Chat UK

Too many Santas for the Grotto

21/12/2020 18:54 Written by Shadow_X


Season's Greetings,


Are you a fan of the winter and Christmas films?

Do you want the chance of some thing more in your chat stockings?

Do you know it's December?


If all the answers to these questions are yes, then we have a game for you!


Tis' the season to be jolly and the TV channels are turning red and green with Christmas films.

Whether you're a apprentice elf or part of the main cast in Santa films. We want to test your knowledge of the silver screen

Below are are fifteen (15) photo stills of popular Winter/Christmas theme films



All you have to do is Shipmail CHATGAMES with the name of the actor in the scene, by Midnight 25th December


Those chatters who get all of them right will be in of the chance of winning,  In the event no-one gets everything correct, we will revert to a points system those with most correct answers will be in the chance of winning


So what's the point, I hear you thinking. Bragging rights, lots of prizes up for grabs, emotes, text effects and a brush up on some film trivia for the big Christmas quiz. We want to give some fun to our chatters as well as something to show off our chatters skills.


Have fun with it and we'll hopefully see you all at the Winter Quiz in Quiz Show on Saturday 19th December at 8pm


Seasons Greetings and we hope you have a Happy New Year,

Your festively fun games team

What is a Navigator?

Navigators are chatters who volunteer to spend a lot of time helping out and keeping order on the chat.

The ideal Navigator knows every little secret on the Chat, he or she is extremely patient, both when helping out newbies and when dealing with occasional trouble.

Only very experienced chatters become Navigators, so if you feel like helping others and want to help make the chat a nice place for everyone, it could be just the challenge for you.

How to become a Navigator

Would you like to be a Chat Navigator?

Before answering this question there are some things you should know.

Being a Navigator is not an easy role to fulfil. It is demanding, takes hard work and dedication and a lot of online time. Despite this, it's also great fun. Many navigators much prefer it to being a chatter.

  1. As a navigator you're an ambassador for the Chat. This means that chatters watch everything you say and do. Behave inappropriately, and it gives all Navigators a bad name. Being helpful at all times when on and off watch, shows what a great team we are.
  2. Navigators are the first people new chatters meet and their most important task is to make sure that these newbies have a good experience the first time they are on board.
  3. Some chatters will see it as their job to try to wind you up. If they succeed, they win. If they don't, everyone wins :) Therefore you have to be helpful and patient when people ask you a question. As a Navigator your behaviour should be spotless on the chat at all times.

If you are the kind of person who gets emotional easily, then being a navigator may not be for you. You must be objective always; NEVER taking sides, even when your friends are involved, and always play devils advocate. Never make assumptions.
You must be able to keep confidences, both chatters and other Navigators may come to you with problems. And you will also be the first to find out about new things too – you must be able to keep these things close to your chest! Having the patience of a saint too is necessary! Some chatters take a while to help, and you need to ensure that your personality can cope with these demanding times.

You should also ask yourself, Am I a team player? This is a very important question as the Navigator system can only work with a team spirit. All ranks working together for a common goal.

All this said, being a navigator is very rewarding. Just ask any of our existing Navigators and they will tell you that nothing beats the feeling of when you help a chatter or solve a dispute and receive a huge Thank you.
So, still interested? Then you also need to meet the following criteria.
  1. You must have been a chatter for at least 6 months.
  2. You must have a minimum chat rank of Midshipman (although exceptions may be made by Chiefs).
  3. You must have a clear chat record, with no serious bans/behaviour issues in the last 6 months.
  4. You must also have completed the 5 standard chat quests. /sing, /shout, /whisper, /sleep, /love.

    If you are a former navigator ranked 3rd or above and wish to return to the team on any name, please contact a chief navigator to discuss your options.

If you meet the criteria above, you can apply to become a navigator. Depending on the recruitment needs, you may be approached directly, you may be able to contact a 1st or Chief Navigator and express interest, or you may have to take the exam, or any combination of these. We reserve the right to change the recruitment methods at any time, and this is at the discretion of Chief Navigators.

If you would like to be a navigator, and do not qualify yet, then take this time to get to know everything there is to know about the chat. The more you know, the more you'll be able to help others.

Keep an eye on the bridge for opportunities to join as a navigator!