Welcome To The Logbook

What is the Logbook?

The Logbook is THE PLACE for registered chatters.

All chatters have their own profile, which can be easily edited with photo's, text and video's so that others may read a bit about who they are.

In addition, every chatter has a logbook, which other chatters can write fancy messages using colours and pictures along with text. Experienced chatters can send logbook messages to their entire friends list, which is especially good for telling everyone what they are up to.

Chatters also have their own ship mail which enables them to send and receive Shipmail/Email.

Besides that, you can have a look at the rank list, friends list, and much much more.

If you don`t have your own nickname and a logbook, then click HERE to register. You can register with Facebook to speed up the process and bypass email verification. Enjoy your time aboard the ship, meet friends, find your love, or chill out and play games. Whatever it is you want to do, you'll find it here on Lycos Chat.
A female profile
Here is an example of a female profile. Just click HERE
A male profile
Example of a male`s Logbook. Just click HERE