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Ask a Navigator
Really stuck with a technical issue? Can't login properly? Want to ask a navigator a long winded question? Click above to create a ticket!
Chat Help Profiles
We have a range of chat profiles which are right here on the chat, dedicating to helping you through step-by-step. Please click one of the below profiles to see more.
Lycos ChatInfo
Here you can book chat ceremonies (weddings, adoptions, friendships and divorces) as well as upload screenshots for navigators, compress your images and submit support tickets.
Personalised Cabin Designs
If you have the Personalised Cabin premium feature, or a Diamond or a Sapphire package you will be able to create an advanced and personal private cabin. This website was created by members of the Spanish chat and has lots of cabin designs. We're sure you'll be able to navigate around the foreign language! Find one you like, click it, save it.... and upload it here! Enjoy.
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