Queen's Jubilee 2022

02/06/2022 10:12 Written by Kel-x


As most know, the extended Bank Holiday weekend in the UK marks the 70th year of The Queen's reign.

The Events Team, with the help of ChatTeam, have cooked up something special to celebrate the occasion.

Read more for further info!

First of all, we have thrown together a Regal theme to cover this monumentous event.

ALL users who log in between Thursday 2nd June and Sunday 5th June will automatically receive a chat package to enjoy the weekend celebrations.

Secondly, we're having a special Royal Themed Quiz for all British subjects and fans on Saturday 4th June at 7:01pm in the Quiz Show room with exclusive never to be obtained again commands as prizes and maybe more...

Next... There's a Jubilant game.

All 10 of the anagrams below are things related to the Queen. All you have to do is re-arrange the letters in each one to find the 10 words relating to Her Majesty and then shipmail ChatGames by 11:59pm on Sunday 5th of June with your answers for a chance to win.

As always, those that win and those that participate will be placed into separate pots and drawn to win our exclusive never to be obtained again commands as prizes and maybe more? So just by entering... you have a chance to win!

Jubilant anagrams:

#1. uptight coroner loo
#2. ion cartoon
#3. blue maid joined
#4. wildcat snores
#5. babysitter mes new
#6. glossing recipe
#7. buried fudge honk
#8. founders his woo
#9. a facts room
#10. envy gears serenity

Lastly, we want everyone to feel the celebration vibe so, we're holding a profile competition. Jazz up your profile for the Jubilee and  shipmail ChatGames by 11:59pm on Sunday 5th of June with "I entered" as the heading. The Events Team will look through profiles and randomly award chatters the profile belongs to with a prize based on their Jubilee themed profile.

With multiple ways of getting the timed exclusive commands, what are you waiting for? Let's Jubliee this place up!



Kind Regards,
Your Knightly Events Team


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