Spring Redecoration

14/02/2022 08:02 Written by dominic_2005

Dear Passengers and Crew,

Spring is fast creeping up on us, and with that in mind we have been looking at getting the paint brush out and giving one or two rooms a facelift.

The first one to receive the focus of these efforts is Flirt Lounge.

We're looking for ideas and suggestions on which direction to take this room, so this is your chance to have a say in how your Chat looks.

Any and all ideas will be considered, and possibly merged with others' ideas to come up with a new design.

Ideas can be anything, from simple colour suggestions to images or iconography.

Keep any suggestions or ideas reasonable, nothing x-rated or too far beyond, remember it needs to be something suitable for everyone, and people have different tastes and limits.

So get your thinking caps on and please shipmail any ideas to: ChatGraphics


Chat Team

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