Pandora's Box is sealed again!

08/11/2021 14:21 Written by Shadow_X


So quite a lot of you took part in this years Halloween game and have been asking who won. The scores have been totted up and to save you spamming the our lovely Navigators with requests about what the answers and who won. Here are the answers: 

Pink Sump - Pumpkins.
Rocker It Tart - Trick or Treat.
Shovel Aw Allel - All Hallows Eve.
Marge Pir Re - Grim Reaper.
verse Lew Ow - Werewolves.
Cwtch rif at - Witchcraft
Nuthouse Heads - Haunted houses.
Snobs Met To - Tombstones.
Has Been - Banshee.
Pro Secs - Corpses.
Creme it see - Cemeteries
Perm Visa - Vampires ( or Rave Imps )
Knifes ant ern - Frankenstein

Three winners chosen at random are:


Those who didn't get them all quite right and was put into a lucky dip also chosen at random are:


Prizes will be coming your way soon. Thank you all for playing and until next time, have a great November Regards,

The Bonfirerific Events Team


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