Going to the chapel and we need your help.....

15/11/2021 14:36 Written by Shadow_X


 Going to the chapel and we need your help.....




Dear Chatters and Crew,

As some of you are aware, chat and our navigators give you the option to have virtual chat ceremonies, so we thought we'd get you involved in some of that behind the scene preparation. When we do the ceremonies. part of that is doing the certificates and sometimes we do invites aswell to show you have been married, adopted etc. So it's time for a little competition.

Below is a few examples of some of the certificates that we use for these ceremonies. We are giving you the chance to design these certificates and invites for your chance to win a prize and the chance to see your designs used as images in these ceremonies.



We have a number of ceremonies that you could design for: Wedding, Adoption, Divorce, Best Friends. You can design for as many ceremonies you like but each category we will pick one overall winner and they will get a prize. All you have to do is design the invite and certificate and then upload it to the ChatVicar's profile.

There is a few requirements:
Maximum sizes for each image is 400x400 and must be under 4mb.
They must not contain any copywrited images: ie No big cola can/Mickey Mouse in the middle of the certificate/invite.

The competition will close on 30th November.

Have fun designing,

The Ceremonies & Events Team

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