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11/01/2021 11:11 Written by Shadow_X



Hello Passengers and Crew,

With the return of lockdown for many of you, some have asked about when the next quiz will be. I am happy to announce that over the upcoming months, we'll be returning to two types of quizzes.

The Weekly Saturday Night Lockdown Quiz, as the name suggests will be a weekly quiz that we will be hosting at 7:01pm most Saturdays. Each quiz will be an individual quiz with winners for bragging rights, Any points for those individual quizzes will be moved forward to a leader board for a period of three months, which will appear on the Quizmaster profile. At the end of each period, the player at the top of the leader board will receive a special prize.

As well as our Weeklies, we will have our Big Lockdown Monthly Quiz. Which will be a themed quiz once a month based on that month. I.E. February will be themed around Love and Romance, as with the smaller quizzes any points will be moved forward to the leaderboard, as it's a bigger quiz, there will be more opportunity to earn points and move up the leaderboard.

The next few quizzes are as follows:

16th January - 7:01pm - Saturday Weekly
23rd January - 7:01pm - Saturday Weekly
30th January - 7:01pm - Big Monthly
06th February - 7:01pm - Saturday Weekly

The leaderboard will be available and updated on the Monday after the Quiz on the Quizmaster profile

Thank you,

Your new years Games Team

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