Too many Santas for the Grotto

21/12/2020 18:54 Written by Shadow_X


Season's Greetings,


Are you a fan of the winter and Christmas films?

Do you want the chance of some thing more in your chat stockings?

Do you know it's December?


If all the answers to these questions are yes, then we have a game for you!


Tis' the season to be jolly and the TV channels are turning red and green with Christmas films.

Whether you're a apprentice elf or part of the main cast in Santa films. We want to test your knowledge of the silver screen

Below are are fifteen (15) photo stills of popular Winter/Christmas theme films



All you have to do is Shipmail CHATGAMES with the name of the actor in the scene, by Midnight 25th December


Those chatters who get all of them right will be in of the chance of winning,  In the event no-one gets everything correct, we will revert to a points system those with most correct answers will be in the chance of winning


So what's the point, I hear you thinking. Bragging rights, lots of prizes up for grabs, emotes, text effects and a brush up on some film trivia for the big Christmas quiz. We want to give some fun to our chatters as well as something to show off our chatters skills.


Have fun with it and we'll hopefully see you all at the Winter Quiz in Quiz Show on Saturday 19th December at 8pm


Seasons Greetings and we hope you have a Happy New Year,

Your festively fun games team

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