What do sea monsters eat for lunch? Fish and ships.

25/10/2020 10:45 Written by Shadow_X


Let's get this party started!


So it's time for a riddle game, solve the 13 riddles, and Shipmail ChatGames with your answers, by Midnight 31st October


There are lots of prizes up for grabs, including throw emotes, text effects and more.



1   We have no flesh,no feather, no scales, no bones, we have no fingers and thumbs of our own. What are we ?

2   What kind of room has no door, no window and no furniture?

3   I have no feet, no hands, no wings but I climb to the sky for all to see ??

4   What is made of water, but when is placed in water it will die ?

5   The more you take, the more of me there are ??

6   If you have me you want to share me, If you share me you haven’t got me ???

7  Look in my face, I am somebody, look in my back I am nobody???

8   The person who built it sold it. The person who bought it never used it. The person who used it never saw it. What is it?

9   I don’t have eyes, but once I did see. Once I had thoughts but now I'm white and empty. What am I ?

10   I'm tall when I'm young and short when I'm old and at halloween I bring a jack-o-lantern to life ?

11   I am bank, and I run your life, without me you’re dead, and I keep evil creatures fed! On halloween you love my fake version, but the real me can make some knees weaken, What am I ?

12   I’m physical and mental and not easily broken. No matter which, breaking free takes action. I hold you back, and terrify on halloween, especially when heard and never actually seen. What am I ?

13   I’m related to love, I'm related to death, I'm a smack and normally part of a caress. Everyone does this. What is it ?


Have fun, don't forget on 31st October at 8pm we have the Quiz followed by the Halloween Fancy Dress Party in the Halloween Party Room.




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