Improved support for Apple devices and Private Message changes

10/04/2020 22:35 Written by dominic_2005

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Mobile Chatting

We have made some improvements to using the Chat on Apple devices. It is now easier to type a message and still see what you are typing, and the Chat window itself.

(Older versions of IOS may still have issues however)

For Android users, please continue to use the Chrome browser rather than your devices default browser


PM Notification Changes

This is something you have asked for for many years, we listened.

You can now turn the PM system off altogether, completely on, or the current notification from those not on your friends list.

There is a new icon at the top left of your Chat window, just beneath the name of the room you are in, it looks like a speaker. By default, this is set to PM's Enabled.

There are three options you can click to cycle through:

  The System tells you: Private messages from people you don't know will now be discarded without you being notified.
This setting means even if someone not on your friends list sends you a PM, you will not see it.
  The System tells you: Private messages are now enabled, you'll see everything.
All Private Messages sent to you will show, even from people not on your friends list.
  The System tells you: You'll now receive a notification if someone you don't know private message's you. You can then choose to accept or reject the PM.
This is like the old system. If someone not on your friends list sends you a Private Message, you will receive a notification asking if you want to accept of decline the message.

Note:  If you already have accepted or replied to a PM, then change the setting, you will need to F5 for the change to effect that PM conversation.

If you have any questions please press F2 and ask a Navigator

If you use anything other than the default setting, you will need set it each time you log on, or if you need to F5. We are working on making a more permanent setting for this in the future.



UK Chiefs

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