Lycos Chat Halloween - The only place you can have fun with a bat and not get ill.

18/10/2020 17:46 Written by Shadow_X




This Halloween is going to be lots of fun.  If you head to the Halloween Room in The Galley you will see there is a crazed bat, shoo it away and you can win a brand new throw emote, but that's not all, you get an exclusive text effect as well


How about a Halloween Quiz as well, ok then! 31st October at 8pm in the Quiz Show room, a spooktastic Quiz, with some excellent prizes, including Amethysts and new emotes.  More details will be released nearer the time.


That is not all, after the Quiz at 9pm we are going to hold a fancy dress party in the Halloween Party room.  This is an exclusive photochat room, you have to have a photochat picture to join in, as its Halloween and fancy dress we would like you to be scary/spooky in your picture.  So with this in mind you can upload a picture of someone scary etc, preferably you in fancy dress, but we will give you some leeway with this. You can have a scary photochat picture until 5th November.


And that is still not all, we will be holding a Halloween Riddle game, more on this will be on the bridge in the next week.


So get your spook on!


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