Tis the season

12/12/2023 18:19 Written by kewtiepie




Season's greetings everyone



The weather is chilly so grab your mug of hot chocolate, join us in chatting and enjoy some games The Events Team have been working on.


It's the Holiday season so once again we are relaxing the rules with Photochat pictures, chatters are allowed to upload Christmassy photochat images during the festive period, of course adhering to the rules, nothing rude, nothing offensive but the rules are relaxed to Christmas themed images (These seasonal pictures will need to be removed by the 6th of January).


We also have baubles that have appeared on navigators profiles, it's a clue to what Captain has forgot to buy for Technochic. We would like you to find all 8 baubles spread across navigator profiles decipher the word and send the answer in to ChatGames before 31 December 2023.



We will be hosting a 50 Question Christmas Quiz on Saturday the 23rd of December at 7.01pm (GMT) with an exclusive prize up for grabs.




From all the Navigating Team we wish you a safe and Happy Holiday and look forward to spending some of it with you.








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