Eggs, now with 100% less chocolate!

16/04/2023 13:51 Written by Kittykat40


                                      The results are now IN!

Thank you to everyone who had participated in this year's Easter game and competition. We heard some of the anagrams in the game got you some head scratching that.  If you're still itching to know the answers? Have a look below!

                            #1. Bolton Chauncey - Chocolate Bunny
                            #2. Corine truers - Resurrection
                            #3. Ghent gu - Egg Hunt
                            #4. Andreas suety - Easter Sunday
                            #5. em striping - Springtime
                            #6. Gris quip xenon - Spring Equinox
                            #7. Dody Figaro - Good Friday
                            #8. Danya plums - Palm Sunday
                            #9. crusts hobson - Hot Cross Buns
                            #10. Aretha Pepys - Happy Easter

We had quite a few entries and here is our winners picked at random:

We also had a few entries for our egg decorating competition and we have one winner and one runner up:

All of you have been awarded our Easter's exclusive command.

We are always on the hunt for new ideas. If you have any thoughts/ideas/suggestions for games you'd like to see played, please shipmail ChatGames.

Thank you all for playing!

The Eggs-citing Events Team

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