Easter, such a cracking time!

02/04/2023 19:30 Written by Kittykat40





Ahoy passengers and crew,

Firstly, eggs-a-cracking to get us in the Easter mood. Let's see some Easter egg designs, the best ones get an emote, simple as that. Upload the design to your photo-album and send a logbook message to ChatGames containing the design.

Last but not least, Sailor needs your assistance with some banners he ordered for Easter. Banner makers mistranslated the order and thought they were name cards after it got wet.

Below is the sailors' list. Can you unscramble these anagrams and send the correct order to ChatGames, so that they can be sent back to the banner makers and save Easter!

#1. Bolton Chauncey
#2. Corine truers
#3. Ghent gu
#4. Andreas suety
#5. em striping
#6. Gris quip xenon
#7. Dody Figaro
#8. Danya plums
#9. crusts hobson
#10. Aretha Pepys

You have until the 10th of April for both competitions, and as always, all winners will be drawn from the winners and participation pot. You now have a triple chance to win our exclusive Easter command!


So what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

Team chocoholics

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