Love is in the Air

07/02/2023 20:03 Written by Kittykat40



Dear chatters and crew,

A day is not enough to love and February is the month of love, not just traditional love but the love of friends and family members. The events team have been working hard to bring you a very loving event to celebrate love in all forms.


In the next 7 days we are happy to give you the opportunity to pass on a heartfelt message to another chatter completely anonymously. Simply send your message in a shipmail to St.Valentine; using the shipmail subject box to type out for whom the message is.



The rules:
1. No nasty messages.
2. No names. The person sending the message needs to be anonymous.
3. No overly sexual messages, but you can send kisses of course .


Messages coming in after midday on the 15th of February (to account for time zones) will not be passed on or if any of the requirements are not met, then your message wont be forwarded.


Next, up on the 12th of February @ 7:01pm, we will be having a loved up Valentines Quiz in the Quiz Show room. With a special valentines command to be awarded to the top quizzers of the show. This will be the start of this years fortnightly quizzes!

Lastly, we have a simple game for you all. Below is a list of nine (9) love songs, all you have to do is shipmail ChatGames  with the artist of each song, those  answers should be in by midnight 15th of February. There are lots of prizes up for grabs, including throw emotes, text effects and more.


With plenty of chances to win, you're 100% more likely to win it if you're in it.

Loving Regards,
St.Valentine and the Events team

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