Chat Update!

08/10/2022 20:52 Written by Kittykat40


Ahoy my hearties!

Our chat team have been working around the clock to make some changes to the appearance of the site for all our chatters and pirates.

The cabins now have a lot more designs for our cabin talkers and romantics, including chat room designs giving you all the means to host your own flirt lounge or Atlantic cafes.

On the "My Page" section of the website you may have already noticed we have our Icons back.

Shipmails now have a nice funky fresh look, for all our pirates writing love messages.

On the "My Page" above the buttons there is a chatname and photochat display, showing how your current photochat picture looks, also chatters with amethyst or diamond packages will see their icon showing what package they have next to their chatname here too like adding some bling to your names.


UK Chiefs and Chat Team

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