2022, Will you be my Valentine?

08/02/2022 05:15 Written by Kel-x


Dear loved up chatters & crew,

 Love is in the air ... and as we approach the day to spoil your loved ones, to be mushy, to tell someone they are fabulous or the ideal moment to let that special certain someone know how you feel, we have a few things to get you in the mood and are listed below.

The first of these, on Sunday 13th February at 7.01pm is the return of our romantic Valentines Quiz with possible chances to win a prize or two.

Secondly, we have a simple game for you.

In the image below, we have written 10 film titles of romantic films into emojis.  All you need to do is figure out what the title of the film that we're spelling out in emojis and shipmail ChatGames.

We will pick a few winners for possible prizes.

Also, within the next 7 days, we are happy to give you the opportunity to pass on a heartfelt message to another chatter completely anonymously.

Simply send your message in a shipmail to St.Valentine using the shipmail subject box to type out who the message is for and it will be passed on.

A few rules:

#1. All messages will be sent anonymously. Any messages that contain your name, will be removed.
(This is to preserve those who have others on ignore)

#2 All messages that requests the recipient to remove the sender from ignore will be ignored.
(This is to respect those who have others on ignore)

#3 Keep your message polite; any overly sexual or rude messages will be ignored.
(This includes those messages that are abusive in any way.)

Messages coming in after midday on 15th February (to account for time zones) will not be passed on or, if any of the requirements are not met, then your message won't be forwarded.

Lastly, while your here, why not show someone you love by popping the question and arranging a chat wedding ceremony. Look at the few certificates we have for the various ceremonies here and speak to a Navigator about arranging one.

Loving regards,

St.Valentine & the *love*ly events team.

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