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How do people make new mates? Asking for a friend.

30/12/2019 20:07 Written by Shadow_X


Congratulations to everyone that took part in the Christmas Game, all names where put into a random name picker, and the winners are.....


1st Prize a 30 day Sapphire



2nd Prize a 10 day Sapphire



3rd Prize a 7 day Sapphire




Oh before I forget the answers are


1. Holly
2. Snow Angel
3. Elves
4. Santa
5. Christmas Tree
6. Snowman
7. Bells
8. Reindeer
9. Lights
10. Snow Globe
11. Snow


The Quiz of what happened in 2019 will happen on 5th January at 8.01pm, a further bridge notice will follow.


Thank you, and have a great New Year.

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