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Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than putting it back in.

13/03/2019 17:37 Written by Shadow_X


We have a brand new fun competition for you. 


Connect the Pet to the Navigator.


The rules are simple, you will see some pets below, and a list of Navigators, work out which pet belongs to which Navigator and you can win one of the great prizes, including throw emotes, sapphires and who knows what else.


You need to send a shipmail to ChatGames with all the numbers of the pets and which Navigator you think they belong to.  For example


1.  Shadow_X

2.  Senote


You need to send in your entry by Sunday 24th March and winners will be drawn then.  Everyone who enters and gets it right will be put into a random number generator and the winners will be selected by that.


If you don't understand a clue, just check the profiles of the Navigators listed, something will make sense.  If not, then think of the name and the clue.  It's not complicated, but we can't make it too easy.





I'm moody like my owner, Snow White is special and I love cars.






I'm friends with Bill and Ben I think.






Mmmm did someone say cheese. I do like to walk through the Tulips.






I'm thinking of some new ideas for my latest book, so leave me alone, I'm a lady!






What's nicer than relaxing with a nice glass of wine and chocolates after a long day working ?





Superman Rocks.... I'm slightly obsessed with red.







Sometimes its good to ride through the forest naked on a pony!  Oh wait, wrong place for that.  Lets just trek through the forest then.






You think you are strong ?



The Navigators are (in no particular order)











So get your thinking caps on and email ChatGames with your answers.


Have fun


Your Friendly Games Team

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Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than putting it back in. 13/03/2019 17:22 Written by Shadow_X
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