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22/01/2020 12:32 Written by Shadow_X


Dear Passengers and Crew


A few days ago the owners of chat, put a heart felt message on the bridge about how we need you in order to keep chat afloat, thank you to those that are helping, its still very much on a knife edge on whether or not chat can survive.  We have made some important changes to chat, which we feel will make having a chat package more valuable to you, and in the long run, help keep chat afloat.


Embarkation Port


We know how a lot of you like to chat in Embarkation Port, but due to rank restrictions you cannot access the room once you are passed a certain rank.  Now if you have a diamond the room restriction does not apply, and you can enter all rooms regardless of the rank restriction.


You currently have to have the diamond on display, otherwise it won't allow you access to the room.


Embarkation Starboard


Previously you could not use any throw emotes, or custom emotes you created with a chat package, that restriction has been lifted, so you can make full use of any chat package you have in the room.


Please remember though, that Starboard is still a welcome room for new chatters, so should you want to have a more relaxed and more adult chat, then use one of the adult rooms.


Private Messages


As was made clear a few days ago, ad revenue is one of the ways chat makes money, using an ad blocker obviously stops that income stream.  So if you have an ad blocker installed or use a browser with one built in, you will not be able to PM other chatters.  We are aware for some of you, that will be something you don't like, however, we feel that this ensures you can still use chat for free if you wish, and we still get the income from adverts.  Disabling your ad blocker, or purchasing ad free or a diamond will obviously bypass that restriction. 


Please note : Browsers like Opera and Brave have a built in ad blocker, so you will need to add chat as an exclusion to be able to PM


As you can see we have listened, and made some changes, we will monitor the changes to ensure they keep making chat a fun place and give you added value.


From all of us on the Navigator Team and Chat Team thank you for sticking with us and thank you for your continued support.



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