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Improved support for Apple devices and Private Message changes

07/04/2020 21:01 Written by dominic_2005

Posted to all passengers and crew



Mobile Chatting

We have made some improvements to using the Chat on Apple devices. It is now easier to type a message and still see what you are typing, and the Chat window itself.

(Older versions of IOS may still have issues however)

For Android users, please continue to use the Chrome browser rather than your devices default browser


PM Notification Changes

This is something you have asked for for many years, we listened.

You can now turn the PM system off altogether, completely on, or the current notification from those not on your friends list.

There is a new icon at the top left of your Chat window, just beneath the name of the room you are in, it looks like a speaker. By default, this is set to PM's Enabled.

There are three options you can click to cycle through:

The System tells you: Private messages from people you don't know will now be discarded without you being notified.

This setting means even if someone not on your friends list sends you a PM, you will not see it.

The System tells you: Private messages are now enabled, you'll see everything.

All Private Messages sent to you will show, even from people not on your friends list.

The System tells you: You'll now receive a notification if someone you don't know private message's you. You can then choose to accept or reject the PM.

This is like the old system. If someone not on your friends list sends you a Private Message, you will receive a notification asking if you want to accept of decline the message.

Note:  If you already have accepted or replied to a PM, then change the setting, you will need to F5 for the change to effect that PM conversation.

If you have any questions please press F2 and ask a Navigator


If you use anything other than the default setting, you will need set it each time you log on, or if you need to F5. We are working on making a more permanent setting for this in the future.


UK Chiefs


Clap For Our Carers

26/03/2020 20:24 Written by Stevesterrrr

Posted to all passengers and crew


At this tough time for everyone we encourage you to join people around the UK and Clap For Our Carers at 8pm tonight.


Please show your appreciation for the doctors, nurses, ambulance crews and all the other people who are looking after us.  Please also spare a thought for all the other essential workers who are keeping thing going: shop workers, child carers, lorry drivers, bus drivers, police officers ... the list is long.


If you're on chat at 8pm you can join in by using the /applaud emote or by typing /me Applauds wildly for our carers

Thank you


Keep well

keep safe

Keep chatting

Love from all at Lycos Chat UK

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Scam Alert

21/03/2020 11:50 Written by Stevesterrrr

Posted to all passengers and crew


It's a sad fact that scammers are taking advantage of the current pandemic.  Please be extra vigilant.


If you get offered products that are currently in short supply on a website that you've never heard of then you're probably being scammed.


Please take care to check that the site you're about to give your name, address and payment details to is a reputable, established organisation.


Keep safe

Keep well

Keep chatting

New Updates & New Design

02/03/2020 21:20 Written by HarbourMaster

Dear Passengers & Crew,

I am delighted to announce the following new updates have been pushed live to the chat over the last week:

New Design
We absolutely recognised the need to modernise our community pages and make them mobile/small screen friendly. We did this last week with a BRAND NEW responsive design. We are thrilled to hear the overwhelming amount of positive feedback from you all! Thank you. 

Some Extra Tweaks
Today, 02/03, we release some extra changes to this new design in response to the feedback that you have provided across the rooms, to navigators, or on our social media pages. These changes are as follows:
- The 'Logbook' button at the top has been changed to 'My Page'
- The community page menu's have had the spacing reduced, so more fits on your screen.
- The height of headers in the menu's community pages has been reduced to be a bit more proportionate to the text size.
- The images on 'My Page' are now aligned properly with the title text.
- The padding on tables has been reduced to fit more content in the middle area of the community pages.
- Facebook login is now available from the top menu bar, and easier to see on smaller screens.
- Forgot Password link now appears properly.
- The rank name, as well as the logo, now appears on profiles on smaller screens.
- Some tweaks to improve useage on a mobile device.

If you don't yet see these design changes, it's due to either your own temporary internet files (which you could delete to try and speed up seeing them), or the chat's cache. You'll see them soon enough, things just take some time to catch up.

Addition of 'Other' Genders
- To be more inclusive, additional genders have been added. Any new gender will show the chatter as 'grey' in colour within the chat client.

- Every chatter can change their own gender (Profile > Edit Profile > Edit Information) ONCE only.
- Any additional edits beyond this can only be completed by Chief Navigators & above. 
- It's really important to note that the chat was built 20 years ago, and has only ever been designed for two genders (either one, or the other... boolean if you're a coder). It's been a HUGE amount of work to change this. We're almost there, but it's not perfect right now. We know this, and we're working to make improvements. We thought it was better to bring you the 80% version now, rather than waiting several more months for the perfect version. 

New Rooms
- A new 'LGBT Plus' room has been added and is open to all users aged 18 and over. In the last 48 hours, we've updated the graphics and colours, too. 
- A new 'No Holds Barred' room. Really, it's no holds barred. As long as it's not illegal... crack on. 

- Updated Navigator Rank icons. 
- Updated Hall of Fame rank icon. 

We hope you love the new updates as much as we do. Thank you for continuing to chat with us, and as always, have fun! :) 


Room Improvements

29/02/2020 17:44 Written by Shadow_X

Dear Passengers and Crew


We feel that chat really needs to embrace everyone and although we did have Gentlemans Club it was limited in its appeal.  This how now been replaced with LGBT Plus which can be found on the adult deck.  


To enable those of you that wish to chat with no restrictions (as long as it's legal) we have created No Hold's Barred room on the Adult deck, there are no restrictions in here for diamond users and you will see everything without any filters.  If you don't have a diamond you can still swear and say what you wish  but the chats filter will remain intact.


Over the years people have asked for less restrictions, as we do not  have any kids here.  We didn't feel it was right to change the rules in all rooms, after all we cater for everyone, including those that don't like a free for all. 


On chat we believe that its important to listen to what you want, and we make changes as and when the demand is there.  We hope you enjoy the two new rooms and continue to enjoy your time on chat.


Your friendly Navigator Team

Forgot your Chat password?

27/02/2020 10:06 Written by dominic_2005

Posted to all Passengers and Crew


If you've forgotten your chat password please click the link below to recover it and we'll have you chatting in no time!

This will send an email to the registered email address, however if you don't have access to this, you can log on as a guest and PM a Chief Navigator for further help


Forgot Password

We would like to welcome the newest addition to the Lead Admin team

24/02/2020 11:22 Written by Shadow_X


Dear Passengers and Crew


We would like to introduce you to Cyperspace.  Cyperspace is from Denmark and his first language is Danish.


Since learning about the financial difficulties the chat has found itself in, he has decided to help support the chat financially and while he is doing that, he has been added to the team as a Lead Admin.


I would like to remind all passengers and crew that Lead Admin’s and members of ChatTeam are not navigators and as such, will not get involved in any navigator related issue under any circumstances.


Cyperspace will be helping us with some ideas and initiatives going forward to hopefully help increase the number of people on the chats, and the retention of the existing chatters.


I’m sure you will join us in welcoming him to the team.


With best wishes


What is a Navigator?

Navigators are chatters who volunteer to spend a lot of time helping out and keeping order on the chat.

The ideal Navigator knows every little secret on the Chat, he or she is extremely patient, both when helping out newbies and when dealing with occasional trouble.

Only very experienced chatters become Navigators, so if you feel like helping others and want to help make the chat a nice place for everyone, it could be just the challenge for you.

How to become a Navigator

Would you like to be a Chat Navigator?

Before answering this question there are some things you should know.

Being a Navigator is not an easy role to fulfil. It is demanding, takes hard work and dedication and a lot of online time. Despite this, it's also great fun. Many navigators much prefer it to being a chatter.

  1. As a navigator you're an ambassador for the Chat. This means that chatters watch everything you say and do. Behave inappropriately, and it gives all Navigators a bad name. Being helpful at all times when on and off watch, shows what a great team we are.
  2. Navigators are the first people new chatters meet and their most important task is to make sure that these newbies have a good experience the first time they are on board.
  3. Some chatters will see it as their job to try to wind you up. If they succeed, they win. If they don't, everyone wins :) Therefore you have to be helpful and patient when people ask you a question. As a Navigator your behaviour should be spotless on the chat at all times.

If you are the kind of person who gets emotional easily, then being a navigator may not be for you. You must be objective always; NEVER taking sides, even when your friends are involved, and always play devils advocate. Never make assumptions.
You must be able to keep confidences, both chatters and other Navigators may come to you with problems. And you will also be the first to find out about new things too – you must be able to keep these things close to your chest! Having the patience of a saint too is necessary! Some chatters take a while to help, and you need to ensure that your personality can cope with these demanding times.

You should also ask yourself, Am I a team player? This is a very important question as the Navigator system can only work with a team spirit. All ranks working together for a common goal.

All this said, being a navigator is very rewarding. Just ask any of our existing Navigators and they will tell you that nothing beats the feeling of when you help a chatter or solve a dispute and receive a huge Thank you.
So, still interested? Then you also need to meet the following criteria.
  1. You must have been a chatter for at least 6 months.
  2. You must have a minimum chat rank of Midshipman (although exceptions may be made by Chiefs).
  3. You must have a clear chat record, with no serious bans/behaviour issues in the last 6 months.
  4. You must also have completed the 5 standard chat quests. /sing, /shout, /whisper, /sleep, /love.

    If you are a former navigator ranked 3rd or above and wish to return to the team on any name, please contact a chief navigator to discuss your options.

If you meet the criteria above, you can apply to become a navigator. Depending on the recruitment needs, you may be approached directly, you may be able to contact a 1st or Chief Navigator and express interest, or you may have to take the exam, or any combination of these. We reserve the right to change the recruitment methods at any time, and this is at the discretion of Chief Navigators.

If you would like to be a navigator, and do not qualify yet, then take this time to get to know everything there is to know about the chat. The more you know, the more you'll be able to help others.

Keep an eye on the bridge for opportunities to join as a navigator!