Is that that thing Halloweenie or are you just happy to see me?

11/10/2021 18:34 Written by Shadow_X

Help!, Grandma is a witch!

Happy Halloween! The events team have come up with a few tricks and treats this year, this bridge notice will have all the information contained within it, so read it carefully.

First of all, we've thrown together a nice spooky theme to cover the holiday. Special thanks to all involved, If you head to the Halloween Room on The Galley deck you will see that Grandma has turned into a witch and is flying around on her broomstick, If you manage to get her down you can win this years brand new throw emote.

Secondly, We're having a Quiz for all you fastest brainboxes on 31st October at 7:01pm in the Quiz Show room, a spooktastic Quiz will be held with some excellent prizes. After all that quizzing, we're holding a fancy dress party for everyone in the Monster Bash party room located on the Adult Deck.

Some of you might be thinking how can it be a fancy dress party on chat? well, a lot of you liked the having a scary/halloween themed photochat pictures last year. So we're bringing it back from today until the 7th of November, the photochat rules will be relaxed* to allow you to upload a halloween themed photochat picture submissions. So with this in mind you can upload a picture of someone scary etc, preferably you in fancy dress, but we will give you some leeway with this.

Lastly, we have a spooky anagram game, re-arrange the following 13 anagrams into halloweenie things and shipmail ChatGames with your answers, by Midnight 31st October,  both everyone who got all of them right & those that haven't will be put in two separate pots and drawn to win a treat or maybe a trick? Who knows?

1: Pink Sump
2: Rocker It Tart
3: Shovel Aw Allel
4: Marge Pir Re
5: verse Lew Ow
6: Cwtch rif at
7: Nuthouse Heads
8: Snobs Met To
9: Has Been
10: Pro Secs
11: Creme it see
12: Perm Visa
13: Knifes ant ern

So what are you waiting for? Get your spooooook on!

(*Halloween PhotoChat will still be subject to some rules, such as they must be scary/halloween related and must be removed by midnight on the 8th of November)




P.S For those that keep asking, the witch is called elmo and the broom is called Dave.  Happy Halloween

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