Server Migration & Downtime

26/04/2021 22:15 Written by HarbourMaster

Dear Passengers and Crew,

The chat, all its servers, backups, images and data will soon be migrated to a new server. This brings us efficiencies behind the scenes, but may also result in slightly faster speeds when using Lycos Chat and will also make future upgrades quicker. 

The exact date of the migration is currently unknown but it will be within the coming weeks. During the period of migration, the chat will be down for a period of time. If all goes well then we do not anticipate any downtime beyond a few hours. 

Each chat (across all our 8 countries) will be migrated one after the other, which means only 1-2 chats will be offline at any given time. 

Nearer the time, we will announce both the date of migration and a foreign host chat that will set up UK language rooms and have UK navigators available to assist you. 

More news to follow.

Kind Regards,


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