Everyone likes to be regular!

23/04/2020 20:22 Written by dominic_2005




Dear Passengers and Crew:

Over the upcoming months, we're going to be running two types of regular quiz. Quizzes will be held in the Quiz Show room and announced on the bridge, so keep checking the bridge for more quizzes.


What type of regular quizzes are available?

They are... the Weekly Friday Night Lockdown Quiz... and The Great Big Monthly Chat Quiz

The top 5 players on the Weekly Friday Night Lockdown Quiz will earn points on the monthly leaderboard, which will appear on the Quizmaster profile. At the end of each month, the player at the top of the leaderboard will receive a special prize.

The Great Big Monthly Chat Quiz is a standalone event, with - you guessed it - bigger prizes to be won by the winner on the day.


The next few quizzes are as follows:

The Weekly Friday Night Lockdown Quiz

24th April - 8pm

1st May - 8pm

8th May - 8pm


The Great Big Monthly Chat Quiz

Monday 27th April - 8pm

More information and the current leaderboard available on the Quizmaster profile

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