Christmas is here, it's a time for fun

01/12/2020 11:42 Written by Shadow_X



Hello Everyone, Merry Christmas.

This year the world is different, there is a global pandemic, but that does not mean we cannot have fun on chat.
Every day you log in, you will be able to collect a Christmas Ornament, when you have collected enough you will receive a brand new throw emote.
If you head to the Christmas Room on The Galley deck, you will see there is a Christmas Fairy flying about, if you can manage to shoo her away you will get a brand new text effect.
That isn't all though.
In the next week a new game will be posted on the bridge, its a picture game, it is a lot of fun, and we have lots of prizes including some new and never before seen emotes.
On Saturday 19th December at 8pm we have our Big Christmas Quiz with further chances to win some of the new emotes and text effects.
This is then followed by our Winters Ball, this will be held in the Winter Ball room on the Adult deck.  You have to have a photochat picture to enter the ball.  As it is Christmas we are relaxing the rules on Photochat pictures, you can have any picture that is seasonal as your photochat picture (Seasonal pictures can only be uploaded in December, and must be removed by 5th January 2021).  We will be awarding text effects and other emotes to those that take part in the Photochat event.
From all the Navigators on chat we wish you have a pleasant Christmas, remember to make the most of it, stay safe, and you can always come on chat and escape for a bit.
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