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07/05/2017 20:56 Written by gwen1

Posted to all Chatters and Crew



Hello Chatters!


We are, in the coming weeks, looking to appoint more assistant navigators. 



What do we expect :



- you are registered as Chatter for at least 2 months, using your correct personal details and images (you are expected to have at least a correct Photochat image)


- you are able and willing to keep confidential information to yourself


- available for a minimum of 8 hours per week, divided over several days


- completed all Chat Quests;


- good communication skills...... with overall correct spelling/ sentence building and if not a native speaker, your English is of a high enough standard to have a decent conversation, grasp technical/ emotional issues and can make yourself understood;


- lots of patience;


- enough basic know-how about chat;


- eager to learn;  


- (mostly) clean chat record


- can work in a team structure, based on a ranking system that you have to respect


- deal with constructive criticism


- ability to follow instructions correctly (also those mentioned below on how to apply... )


- you are an active chatter! 




For further information about what is expected of our navigators, please scroll down the page to the section entitled being a navigator. 



How to apply....


If by now you are still reading and interested; please Shipmail all 3 Chiefs your application.


Tell us something about yourself, what part of the day you are likely to be available to navigate, what you think is needed to be a Navigator and why you feel you'd be an asset to our Team. 



We will Shipmail those accepted with further details within the next few weeks. 






Chiefs gwen1, Shadow_X and senote 

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